Fix Your Brother MFC-9130CW Printer With Poor Quality Results

December 7, 2013 in Brother Laser Printer, Laser Printer, Laser Toner Cartridges, Troubleshooting by Darwin Rupert

Fix Brother MFC 9130CW

Fix Brother MFC 9130CW

There are so many print quality issues that anyone might experience when using a printer. Since the prices of replacement consumables are extremely high, users tend to look for a real working solution that would spare them from spending. Besides who wouldn’t want to get their printer fixed without any service fee or charges right.

So practically, the reason why you’re here is probably related to the ones aforementioned. Thus, on our part, we’ll try to do our best to provide you with reliable solutions on fixing your printer’s print quality issues. For now we have a new recommended troubleshooting solution specifically for Brother MFC-9130CW having poor quality results. Check the listed points below to solve the issue of your printer.

Did you just print black or colored document, and are they both exhibiting the same issue? If the results are not pleasing enough it is possible that the Grayscale or Draft Mode printing option is enabled. Someone might have intentionally set the printer to print in low toner mode and was not able to change the settings after using the unit.

To disable draft mode printing, check your printer’s settings through Printing Preferences select Manual and click Settings tab. A dialog box should appear and displays the mode of printing that is currently being used, then uncheck the box for Improve Gray Color. Click OK to save the new settings, and try running a test print.

Calibrate the printer

By any chance, did you move the printer to a different location or room? The environment where the machine is in greatly affects the color density of output. Well if not, it would still be best to calibrate the unit as it may also help on improving the quality of results, as well as the performance of the Brother TN221 toner cartridges installed.

To do the calibration, follow the steps below:

  • We’ll carry out the process through the printer’s control panel. Start by pressing the “Toner” button/key from the LCD screen.
  • From the listed options select “Calibration” followed by pressing “Calibrate” key.
  • A prompt should pop up. Click “Yes” to confirm and let the unit execute the calibration for a minute or so.
  • Once the process completed, the printer should prompt a confirmation message via the LCD screen that shows “Completed”.
  • To go back to the main menu, you may press the HOME key, or run the calibration process again if needed.

Note: If you’re using the MFC-9130CW with a Mac computer, the process starts by running System Preferences, click Print&Fax and choose the printer model that you want to troubleshoot. You need to run the Status Monitor via selecting Open Printer Utility. Once the Status Monitor is active, from the Menu bar click Control and choose Color Calibration from the list.

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